VERONDRÉ offers fashion, beauty and lifestyle content through blog posts, style videos, and seasonal magazines. Created in 2014, Melissa and Prescylla collaborated to create a platform where they can showcase their passion for writing, creating content and fashion.



Looking back at pictures of her when she was a little girl, she can see why today she’s really into fashion. She saw pictures little Melissa drowning in satin and tulle walking down an aisle holding a flower basket.

The excitement of wearing a flower girl dress is very much fresh in her mind.That same excitement still exists when she puts on an outfit she adores or when she scrolls through fashion blogs. She used her passion for fashion and her love for writing and meshed them together to pursue a career in fashion journalism.





Fashion-obsessed and proud — all while trying to bring positivity into the world and doing it in cute heels. Prescylla is a Toronto-based multimedia journalist that loves to produce fashion, beauty, and entertainment content from a critical lens. When she’s not producing that content she likes to eat at every cool restaurant (especially Mexican) and engage/scroll through her favourite social media apps like Twitter and Instagram.






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