5 YouTube Series You *Need* To Watch

YouTube is currently FREE, dive in while you can! 

Whenever I tell people I spend hours on YouTube I always receive confused reactions. They’re probably thinking: “what could she possibly be watching on YouTube that’s actually entertaining?”

Well, it’s definitely not anything like Jake Paul, Clout Gang or even that little boy Ryan who reviews toys and just so happens to be the highest paid YouTuber of 2018. What’s 22 million to a seven-year-old? Baby food, clearly. If you’re like me and all of the above is the equivalent to your alarm clock’s snooze button, I have some YoutTube series that you’ll actually get up for.

Below I’ve curated what I know are the best YouTube series on right now. And they’re all pretty legit since they’re produced by credible publications and OG Youtube channels!

GQ’s 10 Things I  Can’t Live Without

I love this twisted and reverse take on the “what’s in my bag?” concept that’s usually done by female-identifying folk. You basically get to be inside your favourite male celebrities’ bags. It is quite interesting to see how men take care of themselves and what’s most important to them.

First We Feast Hot One’s

Chicken Wings and Interviews is probably one of the best combos I’ve come across in a while. Now on Season 8 (imagine!) Hot One’s is a YouTube show hosted by Sean Evans. It has Sean and celebrities eating the hottest chicken wings as they answer interview questions. It’s so fun to see the celebs struggle with the spices and obviously judge the ones who drink cowl milk.

Complex’s Sneaker Shopping

I personally have no business watching or being entertained by this series because I own zero sneakers. I was informed that Supergas don’t count, but here we are. Sneaker Shopping is all about celebrities and their sneaker obsessions and then, in the end, they get to buy a bunch of shoes. Joe La Puma, the host, does an amazing Nardwar-esque job of finding out the celebrities’ sneaker obsession background. And he interviews mumble rappers who mumble talk and it’s still a good interview. That’s hard work worth watching.

Buzzfeed’s Thirst Tweets

This is the perfect series for when you just need a good laugh! The internet is thirsty af and I am all the way here for it! Thirst Tweets is pretty much when hot celebrities read thirsty af tweets from their fans on Twitter. The mix of them reading the tweets out loud and their reactions are always so funny and entertaining.

ELLE’s Song Association

LISTEN! After Ariana Grande’s episode, I was hooked! This series really shows you who the elite singers are! Elle’s Song Association is a fun singing game that consists of celebrities being given a word and only have 10 seconds to sing a song containing that word. H.E.R is the current reigning champ, and to be honest I expect nothing less from her. Although, they’ve started to feature rappers and I don’t think that’s working out (cc Saweetie’s episode). No shade.


Honourable Mentions

Wired Autocomplete Interview

Allure’s Celebrity Tries 9 Things She’s Never Tried BeforeGQ

GQ’s “Celebrity” Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters

Vanity Fair’s “Celebrity” Teaches You “They’re Native Country’s” Slang 



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