The Most Relatable POC Mom Tweets Ever

Moms! Probably one of the most interesting characters in our lives that have helped shape us to be who we are, whether we like it or not. And nothing gets more interesting or WTF than a POC mom. POC moms just move differently. From the rules they set up in the home, to weird-makes no sense- advice they give. In the end, we love them anyway. Twitter has a great way of showing what it’s like to grow up with POC mom, so we decided to curate some tweets that not only had us SCREAMING but also dying. Here’s to the lovely pigmented mommas out there! We love you!

When Your Mom Wants You Type a Monologue Response Instead of a One Word Reply


The White Walk of Shame vs The Filipino Walk of Near Death


Newest Facebook Photographer aka You

Testing Your Body Insecurities One Comment At A Time


A GOAT is Born

The Impossible Expectations

The Old “Nobody Helps Me Do Anything” Song

Your Bussiness is Everyone’s Bussiness



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