5 Creative Ways to Rock the Hair Clip Trend

Snap clips from Claire’s but make them fashion

Am I really old enough to witness a trend from my childhood coming back? I didn’t know that at the ripe age of 22, I would see something I wore as a kid as a high-fashion accessory on runways.

I used to have a colourful array of snap clips and barrettes sprawled all over my vanity and I would put a bunch of them and pin my bangs to the side. I remember specifically wearing them on picture day. I also remember my mom specifically saying: “I hate your hairstyle here,” when I finally got my picture day pics back, but I loved it.

Melissa circa 2004 (omg)

Little did I know that almost 15 years later, that it would be in fashion – high fashion to be exact. The clips aren’t just those Claire’s-type snap clips anymore – they’ve levelled up to clips with rhinestones, crystals, pearls, glitter and much more.

Since the trend is back and better than ever, why don’t we spice things up and rock them creatively? Here are five ways that I rocked these clips:

1. Sleek, pin-straight hair with colourful JUMBO snap clips

For this look, I took a twist on the slick middle part by adding colourful jumbo snap clips. Instead of aligning them in a perfect row, I decided to clip the middle piece a little further back.

2. Half up, half down with braided front pieces clipped

Apart from the fun snap clips, you’re going to need two elastics. I parted the back part of my head into two and tied them up. With the front pieces, I decided to braid them and pinned them back with a jumbo magenta snap clip and a cute holographic (it’s hard to tell in the picture) snap clip.

3. Princess Jasmine-inspired hair with colourful JUMBO snap clips

A ponytail with a cute and colourful twist. Ariana Grande is quaking in her 7-inch stripper-like latex knee-high boots. For this look, you will need a hair tie (for the main ponytail), three mini elastic ties and three colourful JUMBO snap clips. This was my favourite hairstyle out of all of the ones I’ve done because it adds a fun element to a classic pony.

4. Pearls, braids and beach waves

With this look, I slightly curled the ends of my hair to give it a slight-beachy look. Because of the pearls, it gives a notoriously-known laid-back hairstyle, elegance! To spice it up, I added a cute little braid in-between each pearl clip.

5. Mis-matched space buns

You don’t always need symmetry for a stylish look. In this hairstyle, I decided to include very big, statement hair clips on my space buns. I was mostly inspired by Sailor Moon — she has décor on her meatball buns when she transforms.

Isn’t it fascinating how each look gives off a different vibe? I’m wearing the same outfit and makeup in all five styles, but each one brought out different personalities! Don’t be afraid to shy away from conventional and traditional uses of these hair clips – have tons of fun with them.

Where can I buy them?

Now, where can you get these hair clips? For the ones that I have on my head, I’ve discovered them through local stores. If you’re in Toronto, I got these clips at Pacific Mall in a store that exclusively sells hair accessories. You can always check out your local dollar store, they will for sure have some snap clips there!

For those who are too lazy to search in person, here are some Amazon links here:




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