3 Starbucks Hacks For Less Than $5


A tall Starbucks drink? Never heard of her. 

One thing people complain to Melissa and I about is that we claim to be broke but they have never seen us with a Starbucks drink smaller than a grande. Well, this is facts. We don’t order talls in this organization. I bet you’re wondering how can this be when we’re drowning in student loans and get anxiety every time our phone company emails us the bill? Well, we finesse Starbucks.

We are renowned Starbucks connaisseurs and after years of purchasing, researching and getting insider tips we’ve found a way to never order an easy-going quality tall drink ever again.

Below I present to you three Starbucks hacks that will make you never have to order a tall drink ever again whilst still broke.

Pike Roast Switch Up


If you’re looking for a quick and wake-me-up type cup of coffee that’s quality and super cheap, the pike roast is your friend. This can sometimes cost up to almost $4. So that’s a no. The trick is, you order a TALL pike in a GRANDE cup. Ninety per cent of the time your local Starbucks barista will always overfill it and just make it a grande. In the case where they actually pour the tall amount in a grande, then when you ask for soy on the bar. For you black coffee drinkers, we pray for you to come back and join the artificial milk club.

A Big Shot of Espresso!


This drink is the perfect iced pick-me-up that will have you forgetting that you started the day with a dreaded 8 a.m. class and will have you hyped-up until 3 p.m. We’d like to call this, the D.I.Y iced Americano.

If you happen to be going through something and actually like your coffee black, this hack is also for you. It starts by simply ordering an espresso shot and a cup of ice water, venti of course. Then topping it off with, soy from the bar or cream. You’ll be saving quite the penny as a regular venti iced Americano comes up to a little over $4 and this hack with only cost you $2. Who knew you could reach D.I.Y status through a common drink?

A Caramel Sweetheart


If you want to maximize your caffeine intake with only five dollars to spend, this is the drink for you. Also if you’d like to become an expert Venti Flexer, this is also the drink for you. Order a venti iced coffee with caramel syrup. The high level of caffeine mixed with the high sugar intake is a perfect sweetener to add to any time of your day. You also have the option of adding soy, which sometimes depending on the barista your price can be 3.95 or 4.15. We love a 20 cents difference.

These hacks will have you awake for work and your classes without busting your wallet. They are fool-proof. If you possess the art of finesse and typically go to very busy or overpacked Starbucks, you should be fine. Gone are the days of you always feeling like you couldn’t order from the elite coffee shop. Sis go get your venti and grande and never look at a tall ever again.

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