Some Crazy B*tch Vandalized Our Car! | VERONDRAIDS Ep. 3

If you notice around minute 17:11 in the new Verondraids episode, things went from 0-100 real quick. After we successfully filmed 3 looks, an interview, and b-roll, we were greeted to a lovely surprise.

“PARK MUCH?” written in (what we assume) cheap lipstick on the windshield of our car with a note attached.

It was quite dark outside, around 8pm, the sun had already set since it was a November night and to an even bigger surprise, our car was double parked.

We had come to find out that the parking spot we decided to occupy wasn’t actually ours to do so. In theory, we messed with the wrong one.

After innocently parking in Justice’s neighbour’s spot, she wasn’t too pleased with our oblivious decision and decided to vandalize our car with chocolate scented old lipstick. The note she left on the car had her number written down but after repeatedly calling her it seemed like she just put the note there to add to pettiness we didn’t know we had in store.

As if wiping off the vandalism wasn’t even the least of problems, I had to manoeuvre my mom’s SUV out of the inch of space her neighbour gave us to back out of the double parking we were in.

This was a very traumatic and real moment for us because I truly didn’t know if I could get my car out and we pretty much had no contact for our perpetrator.

We decided not to confront her for the sake of our interview subject’s living arrangements and our turn-the-other-cheek upbringing.

There’s definitely someone who once said: “Anyone who can walk away from a fight is stronger than a person who fights everyone who attacks.”

Whoever that was, shout out to you.

This was an important lesson learned for the Verondre team that we can kind of laugh about when we look back. If you park in someone’s parking spot you might catch some lipstick on your car instead of catching hands.

I’ll take the lipstick.

We want to let our audience know that this ultimate level of petty is something we do not subscribe to and if you ever feel the need to do this to someone or it’s done to you, take the high road and just back out of that parking spot as best as you can.

Then reward yourself with some Cactus Club lettuce wraps because they (and I cannot stress this enough) SLAP.

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