Get The Look: Ariana Grande, Kali Uchis and Red Velvet | Verondraids Ep. 3

When you hear names like Ariana Grande, Kali Uchis or any Kpop group, preferably Red Velvet, their over-the-top, bold and signature aesthetics come to mind. You already know if you’re purchasing a ticket to see these badass babes you’re getting looks, lewqs, looks, and LOOKS!

Well, this is pretty similar for 22-year-old Justice a.k.a Jems, who serves looks on a daily basis. Whether she’s getting groceries at her local Walmart Superstore or grabbing a bite to eat at Cactus Club, Jems is always cooking up something that cannot go unnoticed.

Inspired by celebrities and nostalgic late 90s and early 2000s movies Jems’ everyday look never cease to be creative, eye-catching and eclectic.

We broke down her three best looks that were featured on the new episode of our styling series Verondraids. We know you’re itching to see where Jems gets her signature pieces. Keep reading for an exclusive Get the Look a la Jems.

Neon & Dad Shoes

justice wears zara, forever 21, vapour max, and diy

Jacket- Forever 21 Men
Turtleneck- Zara
Cropped Sweater- Zara
Cargo Pants- F as in Frank
Shoes Nike Vapour Max
Bag- Thrift + DIY

Sunnies with the Pink Fur

justice wears american apparel, YRU, zara

Cardigan- Thrifted
Button Up Shirt- Zara
Tennis Skirt- American Apparel
Platform Sneakers- YRU
Glasses- Kensington Market

Clueless Plaid + Furry Bra

justice wears zara and dr martens

Fluffy Bra- F as in Frank
Longsleeve Crop- DIY
Pants- Zara
Jacket- Zara
Boots- Dr Martens

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