Aquarius Memes That Every Aquarian Can Relate To

It’s AQUA SZN. A time to celebrate all the greats that were born from January 20th till February 19th. My birthday is 15th of February and as one of the leaders of the Aqua Squad I stand firm in saying our sign is the best. You’ve probably met a an Aquarius that you either love or really want to be. I’ll be honest I don’t actually live by astrology or horoscopes. The open-minded Christian in me loves to relate, laugh and share the Aquarian traits and advice with my friends. But it’s never that deep.

Lately, I have been obsessed with this meme page on Instagram by the name of NotAllGeminis. It is THE astrology meme page to follow! Even Harper’s Bazaar tried to rip them off without credit. It definitely Hearst them. I decided to pick out the top five meme posts I related to the most and tell you why. All my fellow Aquas hold tight as you read! Sometimes we have to admit-even though we can’t because we’re stubborn AF-that we can be just as messy as the other signs. But not as messy as Geminis or Virgos.

Types of Aquas

I am BOTH types of Aquarian

Friends With Literally Everyone

I think I have a birthday occasion at least every two weeks. This is NOT a stretch. I’ve actually been trying to have only four friends total but every time I drop someone, I add someone else.

Always Wearing the Coolest Outfit

Yes, I am. If we are going out don’t ask me what I’m wearing because it will blow your mind and if you lack in that department you will be overshadowed.

The Mean Honest

I always give BLUNT af advice. I’m rude, honest and ALWAYS right. I know someone is bad the minute they look in my direction. Hire me to discern your friends, I have a flat rate don’t worry.

Cool Hair

I am a Black woman so versatility in hairstyles comes naturally to me. Or it should. I literally have done it all at this point. And my non-black acquaintances just LIVE for it every time. Haha… don’t touch it though.

Hot Dog

Love Interest That Are Dumber Than You Are

My friends always drag me for this. I have to admit all my crushes were not necessarily all brains but they had good hearts. That matters right?


The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check your number and try your call again. I’m probably vulnerable with like three people max and they know who they are.

Sunglasses That Don’t Set You Apart

Listen. My first name, last name and middle name is Extra. If my sunglasses aren’t extremely obnoxious, unnecessary and actually protect my eyes from the sun, I didn’t purchase them. And also call the police.

Betsey Johnson

Talking to Yourself

I am my own best friend. I literally love talking to me because I listen and I sound amazing. End of story.

Weird Niche Celeb Trivia

I can’t be the only one who watches a show, searches up the celeb they find interesting’s wiki page, Instagram, birth certificate and best friend’s boyfriend’s mother’s cat Instagram. It really can’t only be me!

Guarding Your Heart With A Metal Spork

I probably admit to liking someone every 10 years. I mean at least when I do, you know it’s real. Libra’s can’t agree with this.


Random Flare-Ups of Anger About Injustice

They aren’t so random anymore because now that I’m technically an adult I got hit with the reality that society was literally built to defile and destroy a young Black second-generation immigrant woman like me. Who doesn’t love a good systematic oppression rant?

Fierce Independence Resulting in Fear of Relying on Others

If you are in a group project with me and you DON’T have your shit together, ask to be in another group. I’m not that great on relying on others, let’s be honest.

Utter Boredom with 99% of the People I Encounter

I actually won’t admit to this at all, but I won’t not admit to this either.



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