Our January Favourites | VERONDRÉ

As comedian/YouTuber Tre Melvin said, “January has been quite the year.” It seems like every year this month feels like it’s going on forever in a result of it refusing to be the default month of the year. Well, this January we definitely got hooked on some bomb products that we STAN by. Take a look at our favourites of the month!

Prescylla’s Faves


This cold weather in Toronto has hit just about everyone with seasonal depression. To brighten up my spirits I have been wearing this illuminating cobalt blue jacket to keep me warm and keep me from have more mental breakdowns than I can handle. This coat is actually quite warm, I would say you could survive with it even at -10 degrees.


I have been obsessed with face masks particularly dry sheet ones. I have a collection of them from The Face Shop and a few from Sephora. I mainly love the moisturizing ones because it’s helping to balance my oily skin so my skin doesn’t have to do much work. I’m working on a little project with them that I hope you all with enjoy!


The show Sex Education is EVERYTHING. I’ve officially watched the series three times now. In one sentence, the show is essentially about how British teens navigate through, learning about, doing, exploring sex. My favourite character Eric is quite the best character I’ve seen on TV is in a while. He’s an openly gay bundle of hilarious joy. I’m so obsessed with this show that I’ve probably watched all their interviews and every video the three main characters have done with Netflix (you should check those out, they’re actually really good!).

Melissa’s Faves


It’s been REALLY cold here in Canada. And I don’t have my parka. Long story short, I’ve been wearing my black H&M faux suede with faux fur lining coat. The faux fur lining makes it extremely warm for me (despite having to layer up a ton). I look very sleek and formal with it on. It’s also been my lifesaver throughout the coldest days.


The icy, frigid, cold winter days have fully hit and it calls for some serious hydration. Since I use a lot of prescribed topicals for my acne, my skin gets dry. The cold air PLUS the ever-so-drying acne topicals equal flakey and *very* dry, peeling skin. What saves it? My MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Cream.

It has a very lightweight consistency, but it is extremely hydrating. I’ve already gone through a bottle, looks like I’m about to go through another one!


I discovered this playlist while I was doing some Cyber Monday window shopping (couldn’t get past the shopping cart part because of the shipping fees). This playlist came up and I fell in love. The first song really hooked me in.

A playlist with Summer Walker and a bunch of R&B faves? DONE. The playlist smoothly transitions from vibe-y R&B tracks to colourful and upbeat songs like Confidence by RAYE ft. Maleek Berry (which is now my FAVE song at the moment).

Amongst some faves, this mix introduced me to some hidden gems. If you need a playlist to drive to, do some work to or to just chill to — trust me this is the one. Shout-out to DON MAYER, you make some dope mixes!

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