5 Cyber Monday Buys I Didn’t Purchase Because I’m Actually Broke

If any of these items appeal to you, please send them my way. 

After spending a little over $30,000 over the last four years for a piece of paper and borderline internet accessible knowledge, you would think the last thing on my mind would be Cyber Monday sales*. It wasn’t.

As I was adding things to my cart, on several different sites, I realized I actually could not hit that “pay now” button because the only button I should really be hitting is the “insufficient funds” button. My bank account has somewhat reached the point where I have around 20k in it and the “k” is silent.

Now that some of the sales are over, I wanted to share with you all the top pieces that I genuinely would have purchased if it wasn’t for that silent k. These pieces range from top trendy winter-ish pieces that are just to die for to unnecessary trinkets that would just enhance my overall persona. I guess this year’s Cyber Monday sale has really taught me that I am now truly an adult and the most important relationship in my life at the moment, and probably for the next couple of months maybe years, will be the relationship between my me and my bills.

Below I’ve chosen my add-to-cart worthy pieces that I don’t think you should skip out on. Well if you have the money. And if you’re like me and don’t have the money, get ready to add these amazing buys to your cart and never get a tracking number until that cheque clears!


Item: Contrast Bonded Aviator Jacket

Sale: 30% off

I honestly and truly believe that if I get my hands on this coat all of my problems will go away. I guess we’ll never know for now but on the twisted bright side, my size has been sold out for weeks.

cyber monday nakd

na-kd.com, $151


Item: Heeled Snakeskin Print Boots

Sale: 30% off

I’m aware that almost every fashion blogger with a foot has these shoes but I need these shoes too. And let’s take a shot everytime my size is sold out because I this point we’re at two shots.

cyber monday zara

zara.com/ca, $129


Item: Faux Fur Tote Bag

Sale: $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, $25 off a purchase of $100 or more, $50 off a purchase of $150 or more

I really try and stay the hell away from large purses because of our unnecessary need to fill them with things we’ll never use. For some reason, I’m always convinced I will read a chapter of my hardcover book on my two-stop subway ride. This tote though, I have been watching for a while. I love how different it is with the fur and it’s reasonably priced!

cyber monday urban outfitters

urbanoutfitters.com/en-ca/shop, $72 (on sale for $39.99 now)


Item: Leopard iPhone Case

Sale: 20% to 70% off

At one point in time having this phone case was the bane of my phone’s existence. I vowed to take more mirror selfies once I got this phone case. But the mixture of that USD conversion and shipping cost most definitely put a halt to those mirror selfie dreams. One day though!

cyber monday wildflower cases

wildflowercases.com, $35 (USD)


Item: Canon EOS M100

Sale: Up To 50% selected items

This one was probably the MOST unrealistic because it’s the MOST expensive. With that being said, I need this camera. I mean the amount of content I will produce with this camera will be OUT of this world! It will actually be over for you h**s! No cap. Wow, the ratchetry really jumped out.

cyber monday canon eos m100 camera

amazon.ca, $436





*Please note these are all Canadian sales.






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