10 Things Every Toronto Girl is Wearing This Winter | VERONDRÉ

(From left to right) @justjamiep, @hodanyousuf and @lex_brit

It’s no secret that Toronto fashion is slowly making a name for itself with Queen Street dubbed as one of the top-rated global shopping destinations by Vogue, the comeback of Toronto Fashion Week and new fashion events like the Louis Vuitton expo this past summer.

The fashion community has more things to look forward to than just their outfits. Made up of industry insiders like bloggers, editors, PR reps, designers, and other multi-faceted creatives, the Toronto fashion community never fails to keep your timeline filled with constant inspo.

Anyone who lives in Toronto knows our weather is unpredictable AF. So it’s imperative that you know what key stylish pieces to wear without throwing on your entire closet in the morning.

We decided to curate various items worn by some of the most influential Toronto-based fashionistas whose closets you’ll wish you had. These pieces are the ultimate tools you’ll need to solidify the ultimate Toronto fall/winter look. Be ready for a meticulous scroll because you’ll be looking through what will most likely be your next purchase or Instagram follow.

Teddy Coat

If you haven’t seen someone wearing this coat, you probably haven’t been outside.

White Nike Air Force Shoes

Literally, everyone has a pair. If you see a Toronto girl with feet, she’ll have a pair of Nike Air Force

Blanket Scarf

Living in Toronto means having to endure the intense weather changes. It also means having to carry a blanket with us. Think Snuggie, but make it fashion.

Fanny Pack

The fanny pack made a major comeback last year and it’s not going anywhere. It’s a streetwear staple that will remain superior within the hypebeast and hypebae community.

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Puffer Jacket

Without a doubt, everyone this season is trying to look like Michelin Man (but with different colour variations). If you took a shot every time you saw a girl in Toronto with an oversize puffer jacket, you might fill Lake Ontario with p*ke.

Snake Skin Ankle Boots

‘Tis the season to wear the skin of your enemies on your feet. Never mess with a girl from Toronto. Or we’ll wear you.

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters have been our thing way before Ariana Grande made it her signature lewq.

Leopard Coat

Animal prints are definitely a growing trend within the fashion community. Literally, everyone and their momma have been ‘spotted’ (pun intended) with this coat.


Girls in this city mean B U S I N E S S. They can transform a classic capsule piece into something trendy and stylish.

Leather Pants

Iconic Toronto-girl staple. If it’s not the leather jacket, it’s the leather pants (that are probably from Aritzia).

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When you have nobody to take your photo

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