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Lately, it seems like everyone is trying to tap into their inner 90s Spice Girl with the resurgence of the chunky platform sneaker trend. The goth fashionistas are laughing on the sidelines because it took us so long to catch back up.

This trend is a true win for the girls and boys who only rock heels but so secretly want to be hoodrat chicks that only rock sneakers. At least once in a while.

Many brands ranging from high end to contemporary have capitalized on this trend and the fashion enthusiasts are living for the official shoe of the year!

I mean almost every hype fashion influencer has the Balenciaga sneakers of some imitated version!

I personally like the all-white variations of the trend. I think they opt for a more clean look that can literally be paired with anything and obviously do not reveal my biological height.

Heels are the closest thing to height plastic surgery I’ll get in this lifetime and now that I have a flat option, the world of fashion just got a bit more interesting.

Below I’ve curated some of the best white chunky platform sneakers on the market. And I am talking real chunky platform sneakers. This is 3 inches and up zone honey! We need still need to hide our biological heights from the world and in return hide the world from our biological heights.

The unfortunate thing about finding authentic sneakers that will not only make an outfit out of this world and actually last is that it’s rare to find one for less than $100. I mean I wanna be 90s Sporty Spice, but who really has 90s Sporty Spice money! Nonetheless, if you want something you’ve gotta work for it, we do not have the luxury of nepotism in this house! So get to work, literally, and peep my hand selection of the best kind of affordable chunky white sneakers you should be wearing today!

Naked Wolfe






Y.R.U (Doll’s Kill)


Jeffrey Campbell


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