5 Coats From The H&MxMoschino Collection Every Maximalist Needs

Last week H&M dropped their long-awaited collaboration with designer brand Moschino. On November 8th most H&M’s were filled long lines, made up of our fashion consumers, to get their hands on the collection by designer Jeremy Scott.

Scott told Vogue, “The Moschino x H&M lookbook is like a party; celebrating the fun, the pop, the creativity, and the energy of the people and the collection.” And as one would never doubt the collection was as described, especially the outerwear pieces.

Fall/Winter weather is the time where the true maximalists fashionistas get to thrive! Our ways of layering various things finally make sense to the world and everyone is trying to keep up with us.

This collection is what you show someone an example of “doing the most” is.

Scott is known for always shaking up the fashion world with inspiration drawing from pop culture. He’s worked big time celebs like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Madonna.

It’s no secret that this collection didn’t live up to the Moschino name. It features a mix of menswear, womenswear and lifestyle products. You can get a little of everything from this collection, a Teddy bear, belt bags, and a padded jacket for your dog. Anything is possible with this collection, even a jacket for you!

Below, we’ve curated our favourite outerwear pieces that will not only warm up our maximalist hearts, but our actual bodies for the fall/winter weather.

Get ready to look extra, extra and extra!

The Ultimate Red Puffer

This cropped red puffer coat is not ideal for the colder days but IS ideal for that fire fit. The button detailing helps serve the perfect athleisure look that’s to die for!

Short Padded Jacket, $199


The Millenial Mightus Touch (sold out)

If you’re planning on taking a trip to outer space, this is the jacket for you! But for us regular folk, where the closest place to space we’re going is Travis Scott’s Astro World Tour, you can probably make this jacket the centre of your OOTD.

Sequined Down Jacket, $399

The Maximal Dream (sold out)

This is a maximalist defined. From the colour-block to the leopard print fur, lappelled collar, and neon pop, it hits every trend. If you’re trying to be extra we call upon this coat to your body.

Color-block Down Jacket, $399

Blinged Out Barney (sold out)

Not exactly the signature purple Barney colour but the magenta hue is close enough for us. This coat is for the more dressed up events that require an adamant amount of stunting.

Faux Fur Coat, $299


A Dog’s Blinged Out Life

If you want your dog to keep up with your vibe, its got an option too! This blinged out print and the padded combo will keep your little pup warm and slayed for the weather.

Padded Dog Jacket, $99



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