Our Favourite Thank U, Next Memes

The reigning pop queen Ariana Grande has been through IT this year! After putting out the uplifting album, Sweetener, that was all about “bringing light to a situation or to someone’s life or somebody else who brings light to your life or, sweetening the situation,” (as she described on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon), her light didn’t stay on for too long. The singer recently lost her ex-boyfriend rapper Mac Miller to an accidental drug overdose and the loss of her highly publicized engagement to comedian Pete Davidson. We just want to give sis a hug! After a social media break and then resurgence that came with a few shady regulatory post-breakup tweets, Miss Grande dropped a single that stole edges, wigs, and even synthetic ponytails! Her new single Thank u, Next was the universal closure we all needed, Ariana included.

And of course, the twitter world went to work and made it into an empowering meme! Here are some of our favourites of the Thank U, Next meme.

For most millenials snapchat was a social media first love. Introduced in 2011, the app was the new MSN that we could take on the go. So this one really hit home.

Whether you call it platain, plantin or platanos, the process of making this ethnic delicacy is one most of us know all too well. We used to watch our mothers or fathers go through this and now it’s us. But the pain of that sizzle is always worth it!

University Struggles
Post Secondary institutions strive off of instilling fear into us with this one platform. Blackboard. Preparing for battle to wake up at 6AM to get into your desired course was our Hunger Games. If only someone would volunteer as tribute and drop the course you needed to get into, then maybe the 7-8k a year would be worth a little more.

I felt this on a spiritual level. This was a personal attack. Cowl Milk, once the love of my life in my childhood betrayed me after all these years. We just want to take this time to thank Soy and Almond for being there for us to pick up the pieces Cow Milk left.

Gossip Girl
After watching this series three times, this meme punctured my heart. The tumultuous relationship drama we experienced through Blaire Waldorf did the most to our pre-teen hearts. Now young adults we’re basically prepared for the Nates, Chucks, and Dans of the world if they’re even out there.

Music Streaming
To think that from a young age a huge percentage of us enlisted to become internet criminals is quite f-u-c-k-ed. Although, the journey wasn’t easy. The heavy labour of collecting and curating album covers had weighed so heavy on our child schedules but yet we persevered. Our pirating careers quickly ended with the introduction of streaming services like Spotify and for that, I am eternally grateful.

My mother, my Queen, Beyonce. With the release of her life-changing album Lemonade, it was revealed to us that our Queen Bee was going through IT. We now know the significance of that God awful baby bang wig which reassured us that our mother is just like us. After going through relationship struggles and getting by, Beyonce introduced to us, through her wigs and music, that we can all survive whatever problems come from relationships. Of course with the help of celebrity stylist Vernon Francis.

If you still take Toronto transit in 2018, this meme is lyrics you can sing aloud all to well. The introduction of the new subway on the Yonge-University Spadina line was supposed to bring us some sort of peace but nonetheless, our peace is somewhat at a standstill. Jokes aside this meme is still hella relatable.

Black Hair Straighteners
“I am not my hair, I am not this skin,” said India Arie. We heard this song as we continued the chemical cycle to our natural but somehow the by-products of systematic oppression still took the case. Although, most black girls now use the hot comb for their frontals we’ve come a long from killing our hair with heat. At least now some of us don’t do it as often.

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