5 Instagram Nail Trends We Love | VERONDRÉ Trends

Here at VERONDRÉ, we are huge fans of nail art, even to the point where we’ve created very own VERONDRÉ #NAILGANG. When we get our nails done, it’s more than just a manicure and polish; we MUST get some sort of nail art, which is why we follow the trends religiously.

There are so many poppin’ nail trends out and so much to choose from! We usually get our inspo from Instagram and Pinterest. We love a save button! Below we’ve curated our current favourite nail trends and different versions of them so you can join the VERONDRÉ #NAILGANG.


The classic Louis Vuitton monogram never fails and a bright red is a universal colour for every skin tone.
This Fendi print is being worn by almost every celebrity so if you can’t afford the Fendi print our your clothes, put it on your nails!


At this point a Chanel manicure is the closest thing we’ll get to a Chanel bag.

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why are her hands prettier than ill ever be

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This is the level of extra we’re trying to be on. I’ll take a multicoloured french manicure to go please!


A family of nail colours that slay together, stay together.

image via Pinterest

This is throwing shade, trust us.


X marks the spot and shatters the glass too, in this case.

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A dark twist on the trend and it’s to die for!
We love the look that’s in tune with its spirit!

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spiritual feels for @allisonhabel 💅✨🌙😘

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Came through… you know the rest.
When people want to try and read you, show them your nails.


People get initials tattooed, we get them painted on our nails.


A minimal take on the trend.
When people doubt that you’re royalty, tell them to look at your fingers.
With these type of nails you don’t just touch or point at things, you touch and point at things.

image via Pinterest


This trend is the only type of negativity we actually like.
Shorts nails? Don’t worry this trend is still killer with any length!
THIS is art.

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Your fingers will set off fire alarms!
Prada flames are one of a kind flames.
Can I please get a fan? Because things are heating up!

image via Pinterest

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