The Perfect Foundation For Acne-Prone Skin | VERONDRÉ Faves


I’ve never been a watch-wearer. I always used to check my phone for the time. However, one day I decided, that I should purchase a watch because I felt that it was an accessory that was a necessity in your collection. I came across a DKNY watch with gold hardware and a black leather strap. It was minimal and classic, I had to get it.

At work, while I’m on the floor, I’m not allowed to use my phone so I’ve developed a habit of checking my wrist for the time — even on days when I’m not wearing a watch. I’ve also made it my mission to wear a watch every time I leave my house (just like how I always leave my house with earrings on).



I was in desperate need of another foundation. I actually purchased the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and was super excited for it until I wore it for a couple of days and unfortunately…I wasn’t a big fan. I ended up trading it in for a foundation that is now a new favourite.

Whilst I was in Sephora, I was with Prescylla and our other friend Alyssa, searching for another foundation that would suit my needs: full coverage, satin finish and not too cakey-looking — something exactly like the NARS Natural Longwear Radiant Foundation, but a *much* cheaper alternative (because it was $60 and no one had the coints for it).

Prescylla then said, “Mel why don’t you try the Clinique Beyond Perfection foundation? I use it and it’s good for acne-prone skin,”. That sold me. I currently get breakouts here and there and I also have acne scars and hyperpigmentation that need to be covered. I figured, why not? It was also affordable compared to other foundations.

The coverage is great, it wasn’t too cakey at all and it’s long-wearing! My biggest fear is to get breakouts from new products I use and this one hasn’t broken me out which is a huge thumbs up.

The only con I have with this foundation is the doe-foot applicator. I personally, like a pump so it’s controlled and more hygienic.



Prescylla once said that friends who put you on good music, are friends who care. One day, she linked an album on the group chat (we always do this) and I fell in love with the album she sent. It was Summer Walker’s Last Day of Summer album.

Walker’s debut album has a collection of soulful slow-jams you can easily vibe to whilst driving at night. Her sultry ballads about love, womanhood, and feminity are perfect to listen to as the months (and weather) fade from summer to winter.

A few of my fave tracks are: Girls Need Love, Shame & CPR.


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