A Lip Scrub That Actually Works! | VERONDRÉ Fave

This week I don’t have a fashion favourite, the seasonal change has put me in a funk, but I do have a beauty and two lifestyle favourites that you NEED to get into.


I have very big lips. They are full and plump and I would say symmetrical. It’s probably why I am a lip product fanatic. I always wanted to try to a lip scrub to continue to the legacy of my lips, so I took my a** to LUSH!

This past week I’ve recently been trying the chocolate lip scrub and it is amazing. First off, it actually works. The scrub removes all that dead skin and leaves your lips feeling silky smooth. Once you’re done scrubbing, all you have to do is lick off the scrub because it’s made from sugar! And it tastes like chocolate! I even got my best friend to buy it and she loves it too!

L I F E S T Y L E 

I am obsessed with my Apple AirPods. After getting these Bluetooth headphones as a graduation gift I have literally used them at every second possible.

The features are so helpful. Once you take out one of the AirPods it pauses your music, which is amazing!

They actually stay on my ears, I’ll literally be twerking up a storm in my room and these pods do not budge.

I love that I can do whatever I want while listening to music, or podcasts, and I don’t even have to be right next to my phone. Now, I actually don’t mind doing dishes. Okay, I still mind, but the AirPods make it easier.

Surprisingly, I have had them since June and haven’t lost of one the pods (knock on wood). I thought I would because that is the reality of my life but I still have both and I’m living. You just have to remember to put them back in the adapter that they come with, which also charges them. To be honest for $219, you will make it your duty to not lose them.

L I F E S T Y L E 

For the past two weeks I have been crying almost every other day. Like real tears. The show This Is Us, is just amazing. The writing, acting, casting, setting. Everything about this show is just too good. I am heavily invested and just emotional AF everytime I watch it.

The show centers around a white couple who have triplets. The twist is that their third child is a black boy they adopted the day he and the other two children were born. I’m just going to stop there with the plot there because you need to watch it.

The show just displays so many relatable topics of identity, family issues, abuse, all kinds of stuff! They way they portray these topics just makes me cry because I really connect.

I watch it on Netflix, so I’ve just recently come out of hiding because I finished season two.

In closing, you must watch this show and Deja is ungrateful AF.

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