Supergas, Bobbi Brown & SoundCloud | VERONDRÉ Fave

This week I walk you through my new love for flats, the best face primer and where to catch a vibe on SoundCloud. 

I am one of those girls that wear heels every single day. This is a fact because my heel to flat ratio is 80/20. This has now slightly, very slightly, changed because of my newfound love for my Supergas! Supergas, the People’s shoe of Italy, is a popular, borderline hypebeast, platform sneaker that your fave fashion influencers wear.

They are perfect for me because they have a clean but chunky platform that is still able to mask my biological height. Melissa gifted me my first pair for my half birthday, the all-white 2790s to be exact, and I’ve actually worn them more than three times. I can’t wait to upgrade to the 2802s, the mega platform, and stunt on all you h–, ladies.

Wearing flats have taken some getting used to though, and at first, they hurt more than heels. Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me either. Now I have a new pair of flat shoes to add some dimension to my look without revealing my biological height.

verondre faves superga 2802


Lately, I haven’t been wearing makeup daily because I’ve reached that IDGAF point in my life. If I start wearing minimalist type clothing please call the police. This no makeup moment has allowed me to dip back into skincare and there’s one product I’ve been loving. It’s the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base.

In the past, I’ve used it as a primer but now it’s become my daily moisturizer. According to Sephora its “An advanced, oil-free face formula that hydrates, softens, and cushions skin.” It really does this and has amazing ingredients like Vitamin B, C, and E and is perfect for oily/combo skin.

It works as the perfect moisturizer and primer because it hydrates but doesn’t leave your skin looking and feeling greasy. In this house, we do not have greasy foreheads because of the Face Base.

The only con is the price. It retails for a whopping $77CAD. To be clear, this was gifted to me. I’ve had the product for about three months now and have been using it on a daily for about a month, and there is still A LOT of it left. So if you have a stable income and don’t pay rent, I definitely recommend. Just kidding. I honestly believe it’s important to splurge on skincare, your skin is your armour and you need to have it ready for all the demons life will throw at you.

verondre faves bobbi brown face base


First of all, let me say that SoundCloud is life. Recently I’ve only been listening to Alternative R&B and SoundCloud remixes.

Producers are really true artists because the way their beats just change my whole mood in an instant is everything. One producer, in particular, has been having me catch so many vibes and that is KRS. Surprisingly I was introduced to the Jamaica-repping producer’s music through Melissa. Y’all should really peep her SoundCloud she’s quite the bop curator.

My love for KRS’s sound was confirmed when he tore it up at Boiler Room in Toronto late last summer. His sound, in my opinion, is like turning your fave old or new R&B bops into timeless reggae vibes with a new age twist. It’s just a vibe!

He just put out this remix on R&B Queen Brandy’s song Baby that is just too good. It has a reggae type beat and then goes into a little bit of Drake and Beyonce’s song Mine. I would just love to see him live again, KRS when’s your next show? 


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