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It’s that time of the week again where we list out our fashion, beauty and lifestyle faves! Last week, Prescylla showed us the goods and this time, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been loving.


Toronto is a great city, it really is. The thing that really sets people off in this city (apart from public transportation) is the weather. Fall did not hesitate to come sliding in this season. Not only was it a personal attack on our respiratory systems (praying for everyone who caught a cold or anyone with allergies) but it was also an attack on our wardrobes. It didn’t even give us a second to put away our summer clothes and swap it out for some warmer clothing. With everything that’s happening in our lives — school and work it’s hard to find the time to clean out our closet.

The best solution to this is layeringLayering has always been my favourite fashion trick. You can elevate something as simple as a white button-down top by adding a black tank (which is a summer piece) on top. If you have skirts laying around, you can cover up your legs with tights or instead, some knee-high boots.

Layering is an all-time favourite of mine. It enables you to maximize the use of every clothing in your wardrobe by creating a different look every time.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a makeup-lover in possession of no fortune must be in want of a million things when they walk into Sephora. Jane Austen even back then knew what we all were thinking. I’m just kidding, the quote originally had something to do with rich single men wanting a wife.

It is a fact that when beauty enthusiasts walk into a Sephora, their bank accounts cry. Sixty bucks for a foundation? Why not? It’s worth it because the coverage is fantastic, the finish is perfect and it actually matches my skin tone — is all that we’ve whispered to our wallets. I did hold myself back though and I only went inside Sephora to buy my best friend’s birthday present. But something evil happened. The Sephora lady gave me a BUNCH OF SAMPLES THAT I ENDED UP LOVING NOW I WANT TO BUY THE FULL SIZE $#%^!

One of the samples she swiftly inserted inside the shopping bag was the Sugar Face Exfoliator by fresh. It’s a brown sugar scrub infused with real strawberries that smells so good you want to eat it (but don’t). When I scrub this on to my face, it is extremely gentle, unlike physical exfoliators I’ve used. It melts on to your face and it does not dry out the skin after rinsing the product off. It leaves a very nice soft and radiant finish. My face legit feels like a pillow after cleansing.

It is my favourite of this week but I’m terribly sorry to reveal that the full size of this beauty (the 4.4 oz) is a whopping $62CAD. The mini size (1.0 oz) is $25. Yes, I am crying as well.


My back hurts. My feet hurt. My calves hurt. My whole body is sore. I’ve been working all summer mostly five days a week and I rarely have a Saturday off. Last week, I had my first Saturday off (a Saturday I never asked to book off by the way). Do you know what I did? I got my nails done and I got a massage. Yes, for the first time in a year and a half, I got a 60-minute full body massage.

I’ve been researching other places to go to get a massage but there is this one place my family and I have been going to the past four years and I trust them. I was a bit skeptical about going to another place and because of that, I decided to just stay at the one we’ve been going to regularly. Also, I’ve had the same masseuse (her name is Eve) and she always knows what to do. She also remembers everything I’ve told her too, which was amazing.

It’s important to take a day off and spend it on your mind and body. A lot of things may be happening in your life that involve the people around you, but stop and think: how are YOU? Always take the time to spend on yourself whether it’s getting your nails done, a massage, eating out or just binge-watching movies and T.V. shows.

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