Yellow Pants, Ferrari Red & #InsecureHBO | VERONDRÉ Fave

Wonder what fashion, beauty and lifestyle obsessions we have? Don’t fret! We’ll be posting weekly faves from now on ;).


These pants are a game changer. They are right up my alley because since black people invented yellow (debate your mom) , there is no way that this colour could NOT look amazing on me.

I bought them from Urban Outfitters and they were on sale for $49.99. I love everything about them; from the fit to the wide leg, the subtle snakeskin print and a high waist with no back gap. Back gaps should honestly be expired by 2019. I might start a petition.


A few days ago I fell in love. It was a love that I never knew I wanted and just so happened to be there every time I got my nails done.

The colour Ferrari Red on my nails is just like winning the Grand Prix. I never had done red before, it reminded me of old auntie nails — you know, those aunties that would shake you like a rag doll when you were younger? For some reason my aunties always had red nails, so the sight or thought of them was triggering. Now not so much, I love my new nails and I obviously had to add some leopard print because I’m always naturally on trend.

L I F E S T Y L E 

If you don’t watch Insecure on HBO what are you really doing? Oh, you have a shift until 10 at night? Well, you should’ve watched Insecure instead. Just kidding, get your coint and watch it after. Insecure, created by the wonderful Issa Rae, is about the modern-day black woman experience and just as IMDB describes, it “ touches on a variety of social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience”. Whoever wrote that line did a great job, A+ from me. Every episode I relate to.

I’m still in my early twenties so I haven’t been through many experiences that the show paints, but recently they’ve been happening to me and the show is preparing me on what to do and what not to do. If you need a new show just watch it. It has an impeccable script, amazing soundtrack and it is HILARIOUS. You’re welcome.

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