Afro Fest 2018 Vlog Ep.4

So much for weekly vlogs! Can I just say Melissa and I have had an excitingly rough summer.

Adulting is hard and we don’t like it. In this episode of the vlog Melissa is pretty much M.I.A due to adulting commitments. So it’s a mash up of Prescylla’s erratic adventures with our friends. We do a body combat class, help our friend Christiane move in, enjoy some vegan pizza, get unwantedly (made up word) touched, go to our friend’s gallery, Afro Fest, salsa– there was a lot.

We continue to see us go through the weird age of 22, where you just don’t know anything,and it’s all played by ear. Okay there’s some minimal planning like our ootds.


Hope you enjoy the vlog! Comment like and subscribe.


Be true, be you, love you!


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