Learning To Love My Hair

Illustration by Melissa Edré

It’s been a long time coming.

Mainly because we haven’t posted in a while and because I’ve been wanting to tell this story for years.

The story about my hair. I’ve been hiding my hair for the past decade because I’ve always hated it.

If you haven’t seen from my rare social media posts, I have big natural kinky hair. It’s full of life voluminous and just huge.

But over time I grew a strong hate towards it causing me to cover it up with braids or weave.

The natural hair community is one that has blossomed effortlessly over the years and I wanted to tell the story about how I’ve been secretly apart of it and why I hid that from the world.

A couple months ago I teamed up with BLSH creator Nabra Badr to use BLSH’s platform to tell my hair story.

BLSH is an online platform that showcases different forms of appreciation of black beauty. From editorials to videos, interviews and personal essays BLSH has it all.

My full hair essay is on the BLSH site and to support the words, I created a video to display different black hairstyles on a variety of girls.

I hope you enjoy reading my story and watching the video, but most of all I really hope you take something away from the message and use it as a reminder to always be true to yourself, love yourself and be yourself.




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