For years, women’s fashion has evolved in several ways through the shift and shuffle of trends and the change of silhouettes.

This has not always been the case for men’s fashion due to the limitations of clothing pieces that dominate the stereotypical male wardrobe.

The introduction of streetwear changed this narrative. Although it took some time to truly be in the limelight, Streetwear is now one of the biggest uproars men’s fashion has experienced in a while.

With the cultural birth of hype brands making hypebeasts, lining up for your favourite streetwear brand has not only become the status quo, but a lifestyle.

To get down to the true essence of the culture we decided to interview Mickel Augustus. A 22-year-old Oakville native who thrives on producing the trillest outfits on Instagram and making a statement, with a mix of high-end streetwear and fast fashion comfort.

He serves as our second guest on the series and gave us a true insight into his unique, trendy male wardrobe.

Watch as we dive into his closet and the world of high-end streetwear.


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