Have you ever looked at your closet and just thought “this is not working… at all?” Well, you’re not the only one.

Having a solid wardrobe and finding your style is pretty much the same as figuring out your life purpose. It takes time, energy and understanding. Your wardrobe is the door to your world of fashion. It allows people to understand what you like, where you shop and how you’re going to look.

We discovered recently that your wardrobe is an essential element to consider  . It conveys your identity, who you are and how you want to be represented. It says a lot about you. Where your confidence stems from and what you want the world to think. We decided to take on this assignment to the next level and create Verondraid.

This is our new web-series where we explore the wardrobes of the dopest and most compelling people we know and find out how the pieces in their closet relate to their identity.

Visuals are always so stimulating to the mind so this series is on a video platform.

Our first guest is 20-year-old Tamiya Allen. A Toronto-native who physically and figuratively wears a couple hats. When she’s not being a bomb AF Instagrammer, she is creating content through photography, video, and selling her line of accessories and clothing on social media. Oh wait, and she’s also studying her butt off at in college doing Public Relations!

She took us through a couple pieces of her wardrobes that help with her identity and showcases what she wants to tell the world through her clothes.

Watch as we capture Miya (what she usually goes by) in her true fashion element.


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