photo by: JORDAN CRUZ

There is a strong dichotomy between glam and athleisure.

They are two opposing forces, but we decided to merge it when we were styling Brittany for her spread on our summer editorial. We wanted to take that part of Brittany, her love of fitness, and fuze it with fashion editorial vibe. Brittany’s fitness journey inspired us to make her look a mix of glam and athleisure because she turned

Location: Central Technical School (Bathurst & Bloor)

We chose this location because we wanted a setting that matched with the looks, hence the football/ soccer field. Britney also had a love for soccer at an early age so also fit with her story and allowed her to more comfortable in the environment. Brittany was able to project the looks much better with this setting.

I. Sporty Spice 

Photo by Jordan Cruz


This look was inspired by an editorial photo we found on Pinterest. We wanted to really capture a glammed-up version of Britney at the gym. The two piece Nike set is a signature look for Brittany, so we didn’t want to take away from what she is accustomed to. Adding the transparent raincoat was more of an accessory than a clothing piece, allowing her regular work out wear to be the focal point. We spiced it up with Steve Madden platform gold heels to add an edge to her look.

  1. TOPSHOP Sheer Raincoat $90CAD

II. Carrie “Fit”-shaw

Photo by Alyssa Andallo

If you’re a SATC fan you know that any tulle skirt automatically makes you think of the Manhattan fashion queen, who sipped martinis and wore credit card-paid Manolos on a Tuesday afternoon. We wanted to make this a super feminized version of a work out look. Our inspiration came from another sport editorial we found on Pinterest. The mix of the tulle skirt and the Ivy Park shirt allowed the look to be very day-to-night. We traded in the Manolos for Nike Theas and added some gaudy shades just to finish with a taste of je ne sais quoi.

  1. IVY PARK cropped top $55CAD (on sale now for $41.25)
  2. TOPSHOP pleated tulle skirt £55 (on sale now for £10)
  3. TOPSHOP sunglasses $38CAD

III. Ready, Set, Pose! 

Photo by Alyssa Andallo

This ensemble was one of those — when you have a party to go to at 9 p.m. but you booked a training session for 8:30 p.m.-look. Brittany is wearing a colourful geometric sports bra accented with a deep-V mesh neckline from Victoria’s Secret. We paired it with black mesh cuffed joggers from Jourdan Dunn’s Missguided collection. To elevate the glam level, we added a set of vibrant red fringe earrings from Free People and strappy nude heels.

  1. Missguided Jourdan Dunn Collection — Sweatpants $59CAD


IV. Little Brit Riding Hood(ie) 

Photo by Alyssa Andallo

The last look was for that aprés-gym attire. We wanted to capture a more comfortable attire, but still including that extra “oomf”. This is a more stripped-down look so we can showcase Brittany’s facial features and create an eye-to-lens connection with the camera. She isn’t wearing an ordinary hoodie — it’s actually a bell-sleeved bodysuit  from the Jourdan Dunn Missguided Collection that comes up high on the hips. It’s perfect if you’re wearing low-rise bottoms so you can show off a little piece of the bodysuit.

  1. Missguided Jourdan Dunn Collection — White bodysuit hoodie $63CAD


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