VIDEO: The Twin Edit Lookbook

Want to know something really shocking? Melissa and I have been acquainted for years but truly only became friends about three years ago. Crazy right? I guess three years ago we finally figured out we were long lost twins. Just like the Parent Trap. Except instead of a ripped photo of our parents, we had the same school schedule. And we look nothing like each other. Wait. We both have brown eyes.

In this video, we decided to show off our twin telepathy and what makes us click obviously via OOTDs. Our mentality is pretty much the same when it comes to a lot of things. Finding someone that you share your true passions with is a blessing we could never take for granted. Instead of poppin’ bottles and clinking champagne glasses to businesseship (business partnership + friendship) we give you this video.

It’s also an introduction to our new editorial, that we hope you’ll love. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to be true, be you and love you.

OOTD Details

Look I


Pleated Pants, $168, from Mendocino

Nikki Bikki Bandeau, $15, from Mendocino

Jacket, $NA, thrifted

Vanessa Mooney Choker, $78, from Mendocino


Pleated Pants, $4.99 , thrifted

T-shirt, $10 , from Zara

Bell sleeve top, $20 , Urban Planet

Necklace, $7 , from Forever 21

Glasses, $16 , from Urban Outfitters

Look II


Leather Pants, $15 (on sale), from Na-kd

Mesh Top, $58, from Mendocino

Nikki Bikki Bandeau, $15, from Mendocino

Daisy Street shoes, $30, from Asos

Beaded Tassel Earrings, $28, from Mendocino


Overall Dress, $7.99, thrifted

Sunglasses, $15, from a Boutique

Mesh Top, $3.99, thrifted

Bralette, $10, Urban Outfitters

Cape Robbin Ankle boots, $20, from Marshalls

Look III


Mesh Top, $20, from Boohoo

Floral Bodysuit, $88, from Mendocino

Plaid Skirt, $4.99, thrifted

Hoop Earrings, $NA, Boutique

Nude Ankle Boots, $59.99, from Public Desire


Plaid Skirt, $20, from Brandy Melville

White Blouse, $5.99, thrifted

White Scarf, $1.99, thrifted

White Beret, $1.99, thrifted

Look IV


Peplum Top, $20, from Topshop

Mesh Top, $58, from Mendocino

Levi’s Wedgie Jeans, $110, from Mendocino

White Heels, $39.99, from Zara

Yellow Tassel Earrings, $28, from Mendocino


Peplum Top, $20, from Aerie

Mesh Top, $3.99, thrifted

White Denim Skirt, $15, from Hollister

Lace-up Thigh High Boots, $40, Urban Planet



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