editorialshu1For the holiday season, VERONDRÉ has a special gift to their readers! We have formulated a new and improved editorial for this season. On our cover, we have Shewit Mesghina showing off a dark lip and a blush-pink fur wrap-around from ZARA. In this issue, the theme is “BOUGIE LIVING” because the holidays is the most popular time to SHOP and live a “bougie”-like lifestyle.

Initially, this magazine a put together for a fashion journalism class. However, for us, it was no different than putting any other editorials we’ve done in the past. This time around we wanted to go all-out and up our game since we’ve been on hiatus for a while.

Also special thank you to Alyssa Andallo who did a majority of the photography in the spread.

We hope you all enjoy this issue just as much as we enjoyed putting it together.




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