Year in Review: The Editorials


Last year Verondré revamped its look by getting a new name (going from The Girls Next Dior to Verondré). The entire Verondré brand changed by adding in monthly editorials to showcase fashion beauty and lifestyle.

Here’s a summary of all the editorials for Verondré’s year in review.




Revival was all about the beginning of a new journey for Verondré. It symbolized our growth and need for revision. Revival was the beginning of our creative juices flowing to their full potential. We chose model Eavone Busia for the cover and discovered that she was in her own state of revival as well. The entire editorial meant a lot to us because it showed us that we could achieve much greater than we thought.




Flower Child was the next stage in our journey. The part where we flourished quickly into various ventures. We sometimes compare this editorial to an actual flower because within creating this editorial we were blossoming beautifully with our views, content and creativity, just like a flower blossoms into a beautiful plant. Our cover girl Daniella Beca was the true essence of a flower child. She shared an amazing story of her blossomed growth and the response was a success. Flower Child kept us inspired to plant more seeds.




The Cliques was the editorial that illustrated us trying to figure out where we fit in. Once we had revived ourselves and flourished into someone new, it was now the time to find out where we fit in. In the end we found out that cliques can help shape you but being whoever you want to be is what really counts. Our cover model Diana Ho helped us create that message by letting us in to the mystery that is her. Verondré could be anything we wanted it to be, and even though we love cliques they shouldn’t be the only thing that defines us.


AUGUST 2015- Summertime Sadness

AUGUST 2015- Summertime Sadness

Summertime Sadness was a pit stop for reflection. We described this editorial to be our “funeral” for the summer but it was really a time for us to reflect about how far we came. We did so much in the summer and needed some space to look back it and appreciate the perks and lows that came with it. Our cover girl Susana Baldeo was the perfect free spirit to help us end the summer. The great thing about ending the summer and is that you learn to enjoy the good times, so they stick with you forever even when things get bad.



SEPTEMBER 2015- The Footwear Collection

The September Editorial is usually the most important issue in every magazine. We knew for this one we had to make it amazing. The idea of a male model came to us pretty quickly but we struggled to actually get one on the cover. The introduction of mens shoes and fashion was a small touch we added to develop our skills in that area. Samuel Harper our male cover model did an amazing job in giving his expertise on footwear and modelling like he was born to do it. We struggled a lot with this editorial but it had to be the one we learned from the most.


The editorials are like our babies, every time we make one we take great care and love towards them. We just want to thank everyone that helped out with the editorials this past year. This includes all the photographers, models, clothing stores and extra help that always came along for the ride. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for Verondré but we hope you, our readers, will join us along for the journey. (1)

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