Flashback: The White Cashmere Collection

In late September, Verondré had the opportunity to attend the 2015 White Cashmere Collection Fashion Show, featuring Canadian designers and their pieces made completely out of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue.

The show’s venue was at the Carlu, right in the corner of Yonge and College in downtown Toronto.

It was held in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness. Cashmere generates funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by donating 25 cents for every package of tissue sold all throughout the month of October.


The dim lighting and hors d’oveures made the late morning fashion show feel more the soiree type of social gathering right at 11 a.m.

The pre-show featured sparkling champagne, chatter between stylish individuals, sounds of indie-pop remixes and lots of bathroom tissue. Bloggers from all over Toronto were present, and even a few local stars like Disney Chanel’s Kristin Farlie and Ben Mulroney of E-talk.

While the female DJ played some tunes and the mini snacks were being passed around by servers decked out in all black, various opportunities for socializing were around. Whether it was admiring the mannequins sporting some past Cashmere bridal designs, fawning over the lovely “bridesmaids” all dressed in various styles of the same long pink dress, posing for the photo booth, or broadcasting straight from the social media booth.

A couple shots from the photo booth.

A couple shots from the photo booth.

The artistic director of the show was Canadian designer Farley Chatto and the show was curated by Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay Jessica Mulroney.

Jessica Mulroney

Jessica Mulroney

The collection featured wedding gowns, lingerie, and jewellery by 15 Canadian designers. For information about the show, you can head over to cashmere.ca


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