Andy Warhol Revisted


The Andy Warhol Exhibition that recently opened in Toronto on July 1st showcases over 120 of the artist’s original paintings. Located in the heart of Yorkville, the exhibition includes Warhol’s star pieces of portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Michael Jackson and the Campbell Soup Cans. The exhibition has attracted over 7,000 people within the first month of its debut.


The paintings came from the LA-based Revolver Gallery, owned by entrepreneur Ron Rivlin. He hosts the exhibit here in Toronto, to showcase Warhol’s paintings.

After taking a look at the photos and going through exhibition, the work and detail of Warhol amazed me. From his iconic portraits to the coordination of colours and shapes, his work proves to be popular for a reason.

My favourite pieces had to be the line up of all the Queens and the Michael Jackson portrait. I loved that Warhol painted Queens from all different parts of the globe. I especially loved the portrait of the Queen of Swaziland and the way he captured her smile and grace.


When you walk into the exhibit it kind of feels like you could be in one of Andy Warhol’s bedrooms. It has a very 60s/70s feel to it, especially with the accent of the silver couches, bright walls and bold patterns. IMG_4313

There was a wall that had huge collage of various polaroid pictures of people. It looked very interesting; as were the videos playing of people talking about Andy Warhol.


Here are some more shots of the exhibit.

The exhibition overall is a great site for the eyes. Stories are told through all the paintings and make you wonder how Warhol came up with his vision.



For more information about the Exhibit take a look at the website

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