The Rise of the Wildhearts


I can still feel the rush of adrenaline from his theatrical moves to his soulful voice and charming smile. His drops of sweat dripping down his face and muscular abdomen proved he wasn’t holding anything back. He had a groove to him that spoke sex appeal and made you ache for more. It wasn’t just a performance it was an experience. His words of wisdom spoke into my soul, almost like he knew all my deepest fears and was the angel that came to reassure me that everything would be okay.  It felt like euphoria and I never wanted it to end. The energy he brought to the atmosphere was what ignited the beating of my wild heart.

On Tuesday night, I attended Miguel‘s concert at Sound Academy, located on Polson St., for his WILDHEART Tour. The concert started at about 9pm with the opening act Dorothy, a Los Angeles rock band, to start the show. Dorothy’s set lasted about half an hour, until the highly anticipated Miguel came out to perform. He performed with a live band and DJ, they were all dressed in all white, keeping the aesthetic most pleasing as possible. His set latest about two hours and was filled with many theatrics and good energy in between that flowed with his R&B-soul-funk-rock-alternative sound.


He performed music from his new album Wildheart with a mixture of some of his old hit singles such as “Adorn”, “Sure Thing” and one of my all time favourites “Pussy is Mine”.


Miguel was able to shape the concert as more of an experience than a performance. He really took the theme/concept of his album to heart and spread it throughout the whole night. He preached to his fans the meaning behind his album and what it’s meant to do for them. He spoke through his music, but also spoke through his words. Overall he essentially said Wildheart represents the idea that one can be who they want to be without conforming to the norms and expectations society has waiting for us.


He further expressed his message through songs from his album like “A Beautiful Exit” and “What’s Normal Anway?”. Before performing “What’s Normal Anyway”, Miguel revealed a personal story about him growing up near the projects in Los Angeles, California. He discussed how his mixed race of African-American and Hispanic were not always good to him as young child. He talked about having to defend himself in fights and how he would have these standardized tests in school. They would have questionnaires to identify the race of a student but, he couldn’t properly fill them out out because he identified with more than one race. Let’s not cry for Miguel just yet, he continued to explain how it took him a long time to overcome the feeling of being alone, and not belonging in society. But he overcame it, and encouraged his fans to do so too.


Now you can cry, joyful tears. Miguel’s concert was filled with so much energy. From crowd surfing, to mixing the hard sound of rock and roll and smoothing things out to R&B. He did it all. The best moments were the connections he made with his fans. Uplifting their spirits to better people. To be people they want to be. Not conforming to anyones else standards but they’re own. He encouraged them to be great, essentially raising a nation of wildhearts.


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