Go-To Summer Nail Colours


As an avid nail polish user I always switch up my nail colour, at least every three days. I usually choose my nail colour based on the weather or the season. If you know me well, you know that I own A LOT of nail polish. Preferably Urban Outfitters’ (UO) nail polish. My collection is made up of at least 73 per cent of UO nail polish. During the summer time I have some colours that I am always drawn to. They are usually light, flirty and fun because summer is all about that. I feel that it’s important to always have a cute colour on your nails just to add that small flair to your hands or toes. For me personally, I love to speak with my hands so it’s rare that I don’t have nail polish on. Although I am always buying new nail polish colours (it’s almost like an addiction) my go-to’s tend to change frequently but some colours just need to be on a second or third time. Here are some of my go-to summer colours, hope you enjoy!

The Neutrals

IMG_8731 2

(From left to right)

Urban Outfitters– Optic White $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Tusk $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Sweet Tooth $6CAD

Neutral colours are always a must. Whenever you’re feeling like you want to be simple or not take too much of the shine away from your cute summer outfit, it’s important to have a neutral to fall back on.

Optic White is always a good colour of mine. I usually use it on my toes because I love how the opacity of the white makes my toes look somewhat attractive. Whenever you just want your nails to be safe but noticeable, Optic White is that colour.

Tusk just makes you feel at home. It reminds me of the beautiful wilderness and landscape that Canada has to offer, even though the colour isn’t green. Tusk goes well with a very simple outfit. Something that’s not too dramatic or flashy, tusk just adds the right touch of “I’m sophisticated, classy and sassy.”

Sweeth Tooth is that perfect off white that puts you in a good mood. It’s not too much and it’s not too little. It’s right there in the middle and just happens to look great. When you’re not feeling too great and need a small pick me up, Sweet Tooth is there to slowly sooth your nails and spirit to better things.

The Cuties


(From left to right)

Urban Outfitters– Picnic Peach $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Pixie $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Name Unavailable (sorry) $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Violet Aura $6CAD

Cute colours are an obligation in the summer. It’s important to have your nails looking cute under that hot sunny weather. The right shades and tones are important to pick for your nails because they either make or break your nail game or your mood.

Picnic Peach just makes you feel happy. It’s the wake me up colour. It wakes you up with joy and laughter and hopes of having a light and beautiful day. Wear to a picnic or a fun summer outing like brunch, f you can brunch, or lunch works too.

Pixie is that light baby blue that reminds me of water, the beach, and blowing bubbles. The beach is a great time to have fun with friends and look cute in our swimwear. Pixie is the colour to match that beachy feeling. It’s the right blue for summer that everyone will notice and love.

The light green colour, who’s funky name rubbed off sadly, is a favourite of mine. It is very light but has a slight pop to the colour that catches every eye. It screams summer when you put it on. Whenever I wear it, it’s a must to talk with my hands just a little extra.

Violet Aura is my FAVOURITE colour. So far. I love it. First off it’s a shade of purple, purple in the summer is amazing. Secondly it’s a matte finish which is always great. And lastly, its name truly goes with the colour because once it’s on there’s this aura that sweeps through your hand and you feel so mellow and cool because the colour does all the talking for you.

The Popbrights


(From left to right)

Urban Outfitters– Tiny Shorts $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Flip Flop $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Punch Buggy $6CAD

The Popbrights. Popbright means a nail colour that pops and is bright all at the same time. The popbrights are those summer colours you need to match the hot summer heat. They help bring a boring hand to life and stay faboulous.

Tiny Shorts. What a name. It’s that colour that you need in your collection. The bright orange brings funk to your hand, so you have to wear it once in a while. When I’m feeling really good and in a dancing mood I turn to Tiny Shorts. It also doesn’t hurt to wear some tiny shorts while you apply the colour for some extra fun.

Flip Flop, is all time love of mine. When I wear flip flop I literally stare at my hand for 5 minutes after it dries. Flip Flop is a nice shade of green that helps put you in the summer mood. It also isn’t too bad on the toes, which you could match with actually flip flops.

Punch Buggy is a beautiful fuchsia/magenta colour that is for those summer nights. When you’re going out to have a good time you need some Punch Buggy in your life. It puts you into the party mood and goes strong all night long.

Pretty Tops

(From left to right)

Urban Outfitters– Champagne Toast $6CAD

Urban Outfitters– Topcoat Matte $6CAD



Essie– Second Shine Around Polish Refresher $8.50CAD


Pretty Topcoats are important to have in the summer. Why? Sometimes your nail colour just isn’t a enough and you need that little extra spice to your hands or toes.

The matte topcoat has been my go-to for almost two weeks now. Almost all of the colours I’ve put on, I’ve finished it with a matte topcoat. I feel that the topcoat just adds a sleek look to your nails and sometimes tones down the extra shine of a nail colour you may not need.

Champagne Toast just makes me want to pop bottles. Glitter is always a must when it’s time for celebration. The coverage that Champagne Toast gives over nails is amazing and it’s great way to have a flashy hand no matter what you’re doing.

The Essie Second Shine Around Polish Refresher is so good to me. It actually works. Maybe two or three days after you’ve put on your nail colour it’s always good to put some of the Essie polish over it, just to keep up the freshness of the colour and avoid having dry nails and a dry summer.


Overall the quality of UO nail polishes are great in my opinion. They last long, I’m taking more than a week and dry pretty fast. All of the colours are always opaque and apply smoothly, plus they are a great price. Two for eight dollars will never get old to me. But one on it’s own is six dollars, which isn’t too bad either. But get the deal if you have the chance, it’s there for a reason.







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