Closet Classics Checklist


Image courtesy of Tumblr

I saw the list above on Tumblr four years ago. Yes. Four years ago. I saved the photo and put it under my likes so I can refer to it for future uses. I’ve always wanted to give my closet a complete makeover and get everything on the list. To this day, I haven’t done that. I mean, there are a few pieces that I can check off but there are so many that would be a nice addition to my collection.

If you’re the type that does not go shopping often, then this list is definitely for you. It will save a lot of money, firstly, and second, you’ll always look trendy. Like I said above, I’ve had this list for four years and everything on this list has not gone out of style, which proves that it definitely is timeless.

Apart from having timeless pieces, you should also have at least one trendy item on hand. These items aren’t on the list but ripped jeans, high waisted jeans, boyfriend/mom jeans and a leather jacket would be great staples pieces for your collection.

My advice for when you’re going shopping, make sure the pieces that you buy will go with stuff that you have on the closet. Always envision an outfit in your head. See to it that it not only looks good with one item on your closet, but multiple. Also, if you want to look good all the time, make sure your closet is on point that way you will won’t have days where you feel like you should have dressed nicer. There’s nothing wrong with dressing great – I mean you can be casual and look absolutely put-together.

Save this checklist for future references also! Hopefully this will come in handy!





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