One With Nature: Style Post


Sometimes, with certain statement pieces, we don’t know exactly what we’d wear them with. The secret is to not overthink during an outfit thought-process. However, we can give you a hand if you’re having trouble.

Flare Jeans

Many people are skeptical as to whether or not these would look good on them. The high-waisted flare jeans actually give the illusion of a tiny waist and nice thighs. But what could you possibly pair them up with?

In the picture, Prescylla is wearing a white cropped top with some cut-outs in the front. With any high-waisted flare jeans, the safest route would be a white cropped top. In this case, since the jeans are plain, but still the statement piece, Prescylla picked a bold top that nicely coordinates with her flare jeans without taking away too much attention from them.

What else can you pair up with high waisted flare jeans? 
  • A collared-button up shirt, tucked in – the top three buttons can be left undone.
  • Scoop neck tank top, tucked in.
  • Anything cropped! (loose or tight)



Crochet Tops

The possibilities are endless when it comes to matching the up with another clothing piece. What we see often is that they’re paired up with high-waisted light-washed shorts and a bralette under since it’s see-through. Crochet tops give your outfit a very boho look. We see them a lot in festival wear. The most popular one is the crochet bralette which are sold in Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville.

What else can you pair up with crochet tops?

  • With cropped crochets tops, pair them up with floral palazzo pants
  • Maxi skirt
  • Light-weight shorts
  • High-waisted jeans/Mom jeans/Boyfriend jeans/Ripped



If you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to be bothered putting an outfit together, why not have a one-piece like a romper? Rompers come in all different shapes: long, short, flowy, tight. But how can you add a little “umf” to the outfit? ACCESSORIZE! Don’t be afraid to! Prescylla chose a beautiful flowy romper with bell-shaped shorts and sleeves and paired it up with a body chain, headpiece and silver platform sandals.


Maxi Dresses

I’m short, so a lot of maxi dresses don’t fit my height. But I found the perfect one that did! Don’t be afraid to wear maxi dresses. Even if it’s long, you can tie a knot at the bottom of the dress. I paired mine with a brown heels and a small necklace. If you want to give it an even more boho look, you can layer a lightweight sweater on top of the dress and add lots of jewelry on top.


At the end of the day, your style expresses who you are as a person. If you’re having a hard time putting outfits together, chances are, you’re overthinking it. The best type of outfits are the ones that are created in less time.


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