Guess & Marciano Fashion Show


Last Friday, I had the opportunity of attending a Guess and Marciano Fashion Show at the EFS Social Club in downtown Toronto. Guess organizes these fashion shows to get the public to come out and look at the collection and to party also. They start out by choosing pieces from the summer collection they want featuring in the show, then choosing the models, starting promotion and getting ready for the fun night.

The venue was filled with over a hundred people ready to see some fashion while partying of course. The DJ was playing the all of the smoothest throwback songs I remember from watching music videos of on BET now. It pumped up the party, brought good vibes, had people dancing and socializing like it was 2004 house party.

Backstage the models were getting ready to put on a fierce show. They walked around with rollers in their hair, applying makeup and looking through their outfits for the runway. The jewelry was spread across a table while the clothing was spread out on racks with the models’ names attached to them. Boxes of Guess shoes piled on top of each other next to the hot steamers, ready to smooth out any last minute wrinkles.


The show started at about 12 a.m. The host quieted down the audience to introduce the models and the summer collection. The lounge couches were transformed into a runway for the models to walk on top. As the first model hit her strut the crowd was amazed. The summer collection featured shorts, flowing dresses, bright colours, bold patterns, denim and that signature Guess sex appeal. Male and female models strutted their stuff posing to show off the collection. They were accompanied with some fast beats and cool remixes from the DJ, as they walked. The models played with the crowd, exercising their eyes with winks and their mouths with sexy smirks.

At one point a model’s shoe came off but she played it cool and walked off the runway giving the shoe some time to shine. The show ended with all the models coming back to the runway and showing off the summer collection one more time. As soon as the models walked off, the DJ announced it was time to party. The night ended with people having a good time, grabbing some drinks and socializing ’til the early morning.


You can check out the Guess and Marciano Summer Collection in store or at!


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