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Solange Knowles is a 28-year-old singer, songwriter, actress and model who is a style queen. From her street style to red carpet and festival looks, Solange consistently kills it. Her style is a signature mix of art, creativity and boldness rolled into one. Some of you may know her as Beyonce’s little sister but this style queen has got fashion skills for days. Her style is the true definition of letting go, being free and fearless. Solange always dabbles with bold patterns, colours, textures and artistic pieces that set her apart in the style game. She usually starts her day with having a soulful-vintage look that make you want to listen to some old school Harlem blues and binge on chicken and waffles. Then ends her night with bold, oversized and artsy pieces that catch every eye and charleston all the way home.

Here are some of my favourite looks Solange has sported:

Bold Bright Colours


Bold bright colours that Solange loves to sport while not blinding or overwhelming the eye. (via pinterest)



Her pattern choices usually range from African fabrics or modern symbols. (via pinterest)



Solange loves to play around with fur, usually she wears it as a bright colour that adds a pop to her outfits. (via pinterest)



These are some looks Solange sported at the Coachella Music Festival. (via pinterest)

Street Style


Solange’s street style proves that she doesn’t need a stylist to talk a walk outside and look amazing.(via pinterest)

Red Carpet


Solange’s red carpet style is always over the top and creative. (via pinterest)



Solange took getting married in all white in a whole new light. Her all white jumpsuit and long cape just made her a Queen. (via pinterest)

Here are some more my Solange favourites:




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