Formal Event Survival Guide


Two major event seasons are among us and they are: prom & wedding.

Those two celebrations require a strenuous beauty process because pictures will be taken and memories will be made.

Either you’re the bride, a guest at the wedding or if you’re headed to prom these upcoming months, it’s important to have a game plan set. You need to make sure your hair, your makeup, your nails, your skin and your dress is on point because every aspect of you should stand out on this day.

There is definitely a long list of things that needs to get done, so I’ve come up with a checklist that may possibly help you out when you’re getting ready for a big event.

Also, keep in mind that it takes more than a day to prepare for such a day. This may sound ridiculous, but it can take up at least a week to get everything settled; I mean girl, Rome wasn’t built in a day and clear skin won’t happen overnight!



Here is an important beauty/makeup hack: if you’re not the type to wear makeup and do not want to invest in any, go to Sephora and ask for a sample. Foundation samples are best if you want a camera-friendly one because they retail for about $50CAD+ and who has the budget for that if you’re only going to wear it once anyway?

Like it says on the list, use a primer for both your face and your eyelids because you want your makeup to endure a long night. Invest in a really good one, or once again, ask for a sample.

The best survival tip: stay calm through it all.

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