Throwback: Melissa Nepton at WMCFW

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to attend World MasterCard Fashion Week and interview one of the designers, Melissa Nepton, in March.

Melissa (right), her twin sister Natasha (left) and models after the show.

Melissa (right), her twin sister Natasha (left) and models after the show.

Mélissa Nepton, a mother, an entrepreneur, and fashion designer showcased her 2015 fall collection in Toronto Fashion Week to a packed runaway on March 24 .

The Montreal native described her self-titled line as wearable couture. Her fall collection show started at 8 p.m., lasting about 12 minutes.

Nepton began her fashion career after being a finalist on the Montreal version of the show Project Runway (La Collection) in 2009, which gathers local designers to compete and eventually win the top prize of having their collection featured in fashion week. Nepton said the inspiration behind her becoming a designer was her mother.

“My mother, she’s a fashion designer,” said Nepton.

With the help of her twin sister, Natasha Nepton, the two quickly helped the models be in their correct positions backstage, right before the show. They both made sure the there were no imperfections with the models’ looks and continued to check for time.

Nepton’s sister who is also a designer, helped her put together the fall collection after Nepton had just given birth to her now three-month-old baby. The two worked long hours choosing fabrics and making the designs come to life, two months prior to the show, along with the help of their team.

“For us it’s natural,” said Nepton.

The rest of Nepton’s team prepared the clothes so the models could easily make quick changes during the show, as Nepton communicated with them in french on how she wanted things to be placed.

“ I have a team of  around 10 people,” said Nepton.

Staying at the Fairmont Royal York hotel, Nepton and her team were constantly working on the last minute details of her show, after their 5 a.m. flight from Montreal to Toronto. Nepton went back and forth from working on the show to caring for her three-month-old baby.

“We have to be quiet because the baby is sleeping,” said Nepton.

Nepton walked out at the end of the show and took a bow with her sister as they continuously smiled at the crowd. They were both wearing a matching set of denim blouses and leather leggings.

“We just wanted a casual look, like jeans wear,” said Nepton.

This is Nepton’s third year participating in Toronto Fashion Week. Her main office is based in Montreal. She said she hopes to broaden her brand with opening a few boutiques in the United States.

“That’s the main goal,” said Nepton.

Here’s a gallery of the shots from her Fall 2015 collection.




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