IMG_9156 Here’s a breakdown of the looks our model Eavone sported in our MAY 2015 Revival Editorial. Hope you enjoy it and maybe try them out for yourself! #verondrerevival

Look One  IMG_8803 lHanes Men’s White T-shirt- $14.98CAD (for a pack of six)

Thrifted Ripped Jeans- $6.99CAD

Nike Cortez Runners- $69.99CAD

Look Two  IMG_8908 l-2 Black Brown White Men’s Shirt- $24.99CAD

Topshop Black Trousers- $48.00CAD

Walmart Black Socks- $2.99CAD

Look Three IMG_8990 l-4 Urban Outfitters Top Hat- $49.00CAD

Urban Outfitters Bralette- $18.00CAD

Vero Moda Trench Coat- $79.00CAD

Topshop Slim Cigarette Trousers- $38.00CAD

Thrifted Oxfords- $19.99CAD   psign

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