When Women Rule the Night

International Women’s is celebrated once a year on March 8 to commemorate women for being independent, strong and gaining their equality.

We celebrate women for these qualities because of how they’ve been able to establish themselves as predominant people in our society.

I decided to spend International Women’s Day at an event called “When Women Rule the Night”.

“When Women Rule the Night” was a presentation of art. It featured an open mic section , spoken word, singing, acting and live painting.

Paintings by artist Camille Lauren

Paintings by artist Camille Lauren

The event was a collaboration between the organizations Power to Girls Foundation, R.I.S.E Movement, Spoke N’ Heard, Nia Centre for the Arts and Grass Roots Collaborative (GYC).

This was the first time the event ever took place and was packed to the point where there wasn’t enough space for everyone in the room to sit. It was held at Beit Zatoun House in Toronto.

Aisha Addo, the founder of the Power to Girls Foundation, was the drive in putting this event together.

“Aisha serves a lot of girls in vulnerable areas,” said Duane Hall, events coordinator for “Spoke N’ Heard”.

Power to Girls is a foundation that aids girls in becoming better in building their leadership and growing confidence to succeed in life.

Addo talked about how she wanted to bring the community to the event. She stressed the fact that the community brings unity among people, and hoped the message was received throughout the whole night.

” [There’s] So much talent in the city that’s not expressed as much, especially [from] women,” said Aisha Addo

Spoken Word Artist La Rose

Spoken Word Artist La Rose

The event was hosted by spoken word artist Britta Bardou, or better known as Britta B.

The event was filled with various artists who told their stories through art. These strong women spoke their truth through art. Their art broke down the borders surrounding their hearts and made them become totally transparent. Seeing their true feelings and thoughts opened me to a different world of women’s’ struggles that I didn’t necessarily familiarize myself with.

Headliner Dynesti Williams performing a mix of song and poetry

Headliner Dynesti Williams performing a mix of song and poetry

I found out that woman go through all different kinds of struggles. Whether it’s race, religion, their personality or their bodies, women struggle.

Although they did point that out, they were also able to reveal the light at the end of a tunnel; the fact that women get through it and they’ve been doing it for years. Seeing these young artists come together and fill the room with the spirit of a strong woman helped so many people in the audience. Including me.

The artists who performed where from all diverse backgrounds and ages, making the sense of community cover the room.


“It was phenomenal to host an event with so much talent,” said Britta B.

The celebration of women was most evident in the room. From the paintings to the words and song, women were praised.

“It was really awesome celebrating women and all that we are,” said Aisha Addo

Some performances actually brought tears to my eyes. Not because I felt sad for them or anything but because I was able to connect on an emotional level. I was able to let their art seep into me and make me feel what their story was about rather than just hear it or see it.

“Guess we’re going to have to do this again,” said Duane Hall.

For more info on these organizations and artists click or copy these links!

Power to Girls- http://www.powertogirls.com

R.I.S.E Movement- http://riseedutainment.com/site/

Spoke N’ Heard- http://www.spokenheard.ca/

Nia Centre for the Arts- http://niacentre.org/

Grass Roots Collaborative (GYC)-http://www.grassrootsyouth.weebly.com/

Camille Lauren- http://www.artofciel.ca 

Dynesti Williams- http://www.reverbnation.com/Dynesti

La Rose – Facebook: La Rose

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