tumblr_n3zr2jF7w81qg9q0qo1_500 Without a doubt, Vanessa Hudgens takes the reign for most-watched Coachella outfits. Not only that, but her outfits that are candidly taken on the streets, are always flawlessly put together. She has a very unique sense of style that is very boho, which is why every time she leaves her house, the photographs taken of her are always spot on.

Hudgens has a gift of putting together outfits that truly intrigues the fashion world. The main pieces she seems to be rocking are patterned maxi skirts that are very lightweight. She fancies airy-type clothing, very thin and flowy material that very much matches her personality. If you follow her on Instagram, you can tell she has a very sweet and bubbly personality. She also loves layering – which is a huge trend this season – when it comes to clothing and jewelry. The one thing that puts her outfits together, are the amount of jewelry that she wears and from what she’s been wearing, she loves huge chunky necklaces to long-chained necklaces. Her arms are always stacked with bracelets and her fingers are filled with rings. Hair is also her biggest accessory. Hudgens has changed her hair several times in the span of four months, which absolutely suits her eccentric style.

Here are some of Hudgens’ candid looks: VANESSA VANESSA2 Highlights:


When it’s time to be classy, Vanessa will slay 100%

Vanessa Hudgens 1_0

All hail the Coachella Queen!

Here are some Vanessa Hudgens inspired ensembles I’ve created: Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.42.25 PM A majority of Vanessa’s tops I’ve seen are cropped and many of her clothes are toned-down versions of her Coachella outfits. Here, I have a lace bralette with lace shorts that have a fringe detailing. I’ve also added a fringe boho-patterned kimono. As for the shoes, I’ve added black leather heeled boots – I’ve seen her wear many heeled booties. As for the jewelry, whenever she has a two-piece outfit, she always has a body necklace. She loves stacking up bracelets and sporting very vintage looking rings. Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.52.58 PMMaxi skirts are staple pieces in Vanessa’s wardrobe from what I can tell. She is seen wearing maxi skirts almost all the time. She wears cropped tops with her maxis, and I’ve actually seen her wear this Alexander Wang-type V-plunge bustier. The nice mint colour compliments with the turquoise in the skirt. As for jewelry, I’ve added a layered-necklace with a pendant holding the chains in the middle and again, stacked vintage-looking rings and bracelets. For a purse, a cream fringe mini crossover – I’ve seen her with several fringe bags. As for the shoes, I’ve chose a beautiful peep-toe laser-cut wedge with laces. Vanessa Hudgens has been number one on my fashion inspiration list for as long as I remember. Who’s your fashion inspiration?


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