Having a big booty has its ups and downs. The ups are great, sometimes. But the downs can really keep you from living a more easy going life.

The booty. A vivacious body part that has captivated our generation and society exceedingly.

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet, JLO letting you know she has one through a song, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” not even considering your existence if you don’t have buns, or even Wanda from your sociology class who makes you think “Damn that ass!” every time she stands up for a bathroom break, we are all consumed by the booty in our everyday life.

You’re reading this post that is all about booty. But don’t stop reading because of that prior statement, I’m giving some very insightful information here.

The booty is a very beautiful thing and it’s also very useful because it’s what helps you sit down. On the contrary that’s not really the message our generation is giving about the booty. They’re saying things like, “The bigger the booty, the bigger the pay cheque!”.

The booty has been a high trending topic for many years and it seems to be staying that way. If we talk about fashion, your booty can make or break your outfit. When we talk about dance, the ability to twerk depends on if you have a booty or not. Example: Miley Cyrus. The most talked about trend is, if you’ve got it going on in the back you’ve achieved world domination.

At times I wonder, “Why is the world so obsessed with the booty?”

And no, I do not know the answer to that. For some of us females who either have booty or lack booty, it makes a mark on our insecurities.

First let’s talk about the girls who have booty. The bubble butts. Who even made up the term “bubble butt”?

I personally do have an okay booty for my size and always seem to receive so much praise for it. But honestly, it’s not even that great. If you’re not-so-bootylicious-person reading this and thinking WHAT? Let me to tell you why.

Having a big booty has its ups and downs. The ups are great, sometimes. But the downs can really keep you from living a more easy going life.

Down Number 1. Getting dressed is HARDER. Yes you heard me, it’s harder.

When it comes to jeans there are two ways in which girls with big booties suffer.

Way #1: You have a bigger booty but a smaller waist.

This is flattering when you’re wearing a bodycon dress, but not with jeans because you can never wear your true size. The waist part of your jeans will always be loose because you have to go a size up from your original size.

Why? Well, your original size of jeans won’t go up your booty, which sucks. Then you have to resort to wearing belts. And sometimes you just want to be belt-less and avoid the awkward upward pulling of the belt at the back of your pants, which especially shows when you’re sitting down, and does not look cute whatsoever.

Side note: People who go through this, stay away from skinny belts! It looks way worse, try medium sized ones.

Way #2: The exact opposite of what I just talked about above.

When you have the buns but your waist isn’t exactly a stick. Jeans become super tight, and then you resort to wearing jeans that fit too big and do not flatter your booty. I mean, if you have a booty you might as well flatter it.

Side note: If you really struggle to put on your jeans, I’m talking about all those awkward positions you put yourself in to get into them, try not to hurt yourself.

Leggings are a hit or miss. When they hit, it’s not in the way you might want. Do I even need to explain this one? I guess I do. Leggings attract a high level of traffic even Highway 401 hasn’t seen.

Short shorts will always be too short. Why? Because your butt is falling out of them. You know sometimes big booty girls just want to be like Jessica Simpson with the shorts and cowboy boots while singing These Boots are Made for Walkin’ without attracting the eye of the world and aliens.

Down Number 2: Hormonal people cannot get enough of you. It’s like when they see your booty they’ve seen God himself with the doorway open to heaven.

Hormonal people fake love you but real love your booty. They will constantly stare at it, be near it, and silently or vocally worship it.

Sometimes you think they’re doing all of this for you, but no, they’re doing it for your booty. Why do they do all this? It’s simply because they want to touch it, oops my bad! Grope it.

But don’t let them, unless you’re okay with it.

Hormonal people can get so crazy sometimes. For example, I went to a Halloween party as Minnie Mouse. The ears clearly showed that I was Minnie Mouse. I even added whiskers. But then this hormonal person had this audacity to ask me if I was Nicki Minaj for Halloween.

Um… need I say more? Hormonal people can get too crazy sometimes.

Down Number 3. Everyone thinks you’re a professional twerker.

Well not everyone, mostly everyone. Just because you have junk in the trunk, it all of a sudden means you can twerk or booty pop.

Whatever makes the butt move you can do it. Apparently. Sometimes people will even ask you to twerk for them, in public. Like you’re not a twerking machine and they didn’t even provide music. For your information, not all big booty girls spend their free time twerking or doing it everywhere they go. Okay sometimes I do, but it’s for exercise ONLY. Okay, it’s for fun sometimes too. It builds stronger leg muscles, fun fact.*

When it comes to the girls who lack booty, there are some serious downs that they have to deal with.

Insecurity is a big one, but that’s something that shouldn’t even be a down. All I have to say to you, is keep your head and keep twerking all over the place, wearing bodycon dresses and sticking your butt out just a little bit for pictures, just to add a little oomf because the size of your booty should not matter.

The obsession with the booty in our society is actually very surprising if you ask any historian.

Back in the slavery days, there was a woman named Sara “Saarjite” Baartman who was a slave with a very large butt. She was Khoikoi woman from South Africa, brought to the Western world as a slave. Her purpose was to be exhibited as a freak show for all to see. They called it “Hottentot Venus”, which was very offensive to her people.

Seeing how far we’ve come on our perspective on the booty is very interesting and at most appalling.

The booty has become a product in society that people hyper sexualize way too much. I have one thing to say to all. Just leave the booty alone and let it be a booty. The booty there is to help us sit down and stuff, so sit down and move on from obsessing over it. Also, learn to appreciate your booty for what it is, not matter that size. But if you really want it bigger, that’s your choice and makes squats your best friend. But if you want it smaller, which would be very interesting, learn to accept it because I don’t think it will shrink any time soon.

I’m just saying love your booty, if you didn’t have it you would not be able to sit down. And isn’t sitting down great? One last thing, don’t let the booty get to you because it does betray.


For more info on Sara Baartman’s story

*Not all downs to having a big booty where listed, for more just comment below!

3 responses to “BETRAYED by the BOOTY

  1. PREACH, as a girl with a bubble butt I totally agree with your thesis, people out here are smitten with the booty! My friends who have smaller booties always tell me they wish they had a booty like mine but its not even that great due to the negative attention it brings to you. You should love your body regardless and tell yourself your on fleek with or without a booty! 👌

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